Highland Geology Limited | Dr John Nicholson - an expert oil geologist
Dr John Nicholson is an expert oil geologist specialising in basin review and prospect mapping and evaluation
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John Nicholson

Following his Ph.D at Cambridge University in 1971 John worked for the West Australian Geological Survey, then joined BP in Australia and subsequently worked for them and then for Britoil in the UK. In 1984 he co-founded and managed the Midland Valley Exploration consultancy based in Glasgow, specialising in structural geology and software development. After 11 years with MVE, in 1996 he established and built his consultancy Highland Geology Limited.

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John has been a member of and led numerous teams which have been successful in drilling wildcats. He has worked as a geologist in many of the world's prospective basins including Northwest Shelf of Australia, onshore Australia and Papua New Guinea; the Gulf Coast of the USA; the UK and Norwegian Northern, Central, Southern, Danish and Dutch North Sea; the English Channel and Southwestern Approaches basins, offshore Ireland; the UK Midlands and Dorset; in the Andes in Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia; in Russia; and in nearly all of the offshore and onshore basins of India.

Most recently he has focussed on the onshore UK, in 14th Round work on the northern England basins and Wessex. Beforehand in India he was contracted as Senior Asset Manager for an operator which drilled a major gas well in Tripura in 2011, also for them he re-mapped the complex Kharsang Field for a successful programme of oil development wells.

He has very substantial experience in structural geology and interpretation of seismic data. His company owns and maintains licences for the Kingdom 2d/3dPAK software packages. John can work closely with exploration and development teams, or carry out projects without any direct support. With excellent contacts in the Industry he can put together and manage project teams on request.