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Highland Geology Limited specialises in geological structure interpretation, working with seismic and our own section balance software. We consult worldwide in oil and gas exploration and development, and in CCS carbon capture policy. We are Kingdom licensees.

UK onshore geology is a particular and long-term interest, and in this site we summarise our recommendations on conventional exploration potential for the northern England Carboniferous basins. We think they have substantial undiscovered gas and we show interpretations to support our view, that its a resource which should be proved and developed.

Cost-effective carbon sequestration is an important possibility for the UK onshore, as a backup for the offshore hub programmes, and we illustrate structure models here to encourage Government and commercial interest in making that option available.

We see an experience shortage appearing in interpretation skills, and we offer some practical support downloads here for recently-qualified folk tasked with recognising and recommending acreage acquisition. And we are writing blogs, to encourage all those people who want to look at and understand how rocks deform. More to come!