Bowland/Craven play list - Highland Geology Limited
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Bowland/Craven play list

Ribblesdale Fold Belt and Formby area: action?

  1. We think the RFB’s large transpressional folds originated as growth fault rollovers on extensional ramps, which inverted in late Westphalian and again in Stephanian-early Permian, with dextral shear operating rather than cross-basin shortening. They are open-acreage conventional gas prospects in mid-basal Tournaisian mainly mudstone sequences, the best of them is Gisburn Anticline, first-rank play. If its got viable fractured Chatburn shales and carbonates this structure could trap substantial reserves, and upgrade Slaidburn Anticline for follow-up. When the area is next offered we’d be tempted to bid 3D as the structure model looks secure and justifies sizable cash spend.
  2. Regarding Formby area, this region is currently licensed for non-conventional exploration work programmes targetting the Bowland Shale but that initiative has stopped, possibly permanently. A large Tournaisian dome below Formby-1 is untested, its a first-rank major conventional gas play. Consider buying the seismic, re-mapping and decide on a possible farm-in.
  3. The Central Lancashire High has carbonate shelf sequences and was drilled at Roddlesworth-1, but we think a third, high-rated untested high lies up-structure to east of the well. The acreage is presently open, except the west end of the High, its worth re-mapping for Tournaisian and top of Visean limestone targets.