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Exploration Oil and Gas: Downloads

We want to put some support out, for people starting a career in an Industry remarkable for its booms and busts, and presently under a lot of pressure from various quarters. These notes are HGL’s advice for exploration geologists and geophysicists with 1-5 years’ Industry experience, we hope they will benefit folk who are beginning to work in basin review; and assist explorationists in evaluating assets which are up for licensing and sale. The focus is on developing new play concepts, and identifying and confirming higher-potential oil and gas exploration and development blocks.

This material is opinion, approaches which worked for us. What we are covering is:

  • How are we going to identify new plays and targets for wells, in licence round and farm-in blocks?
  • How do we decide which are the top blocks to bid for?
  • And how will we show management and partners, that our recommendations are worth backing?

Explorationists address these fundamental issues in many different ways, but a big step is to understand that exploration prospects don’t come from data: they come from new ideas.

There are four components here, all can be downloaded as pdf files.