Bewcastle Anticline - Highland Geology Limited
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Bewcastle Anticline

This Bewcastle Anticline profile, AUK87A-141, runs west-east as shown. Its oblique to the extension and inversion directions for large fault surfaces, so we won’t expect it will area balance in 2D: but it has the basics of the thick-skinned inversion model we propose inset as an interpretation aid. The strong reflectors at yellow pick might be around the Lower Border Group Courceyan-Holkerian. A wedge of sediments is clear, thickening westwards onto the left blue fault. Given that blue is a growth fault, the beds at outcrop have excess bed length relative to earlier sequences, and have been disposed in detached folds in response to inversion. The match to the model being arguably close, the wedge (arrowed) is a potentially large target for exploration. Seismic here is sparse.